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Business, Uninterrupted.

Losing vital information or revenue streams can be detrimental and anxiety-inducing. Even large businesses are prone to network collapse. We recently experienced the havoc that the Canadian based Rogers outage had on businesses. It all underscores the importance of having a backup plan for your important business systems so they can remain online. You can keep taking payments and maintain cybersecurity if a major carrier suddenly goes down.


Show up with back up,
and be cyber-safe.

Our Always On router produces the peace of mind necessary to continue running a smooth organization. The routers are pre-configured to take over if the primary network fails: speed will remain high, and security will increase. Running on Tier 1 network carriers, the Always On router neutralizes the threat of network frailty.

When an outage occurs NuvoLinQ’s failover capability kicks in automatically with 4G LTE coverage, no user intervention at the remote site, nor HQ is required

Rapid, zero-IT deployment, auto turn-up

Immediate ordering and shipping (24Hr)

Enterprise-class security capabilities

Once the wireline network returns to operational status, the switch back to the primary service is also automatic

Equipment shipped with multi-carrier SIM, pre-populated into your corporate database

On-site Wifi connectivity, if required

Centralized management through LinQView



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For a deeper dive into the details, we invite you to download our comprehensive one-pager.

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