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Meeting the customers' needs.

Wireless kiosk technologies make B2C service solutions more flexible, accessible, and convenient. Standalone wireless kiosks play an essential role in providing value-added services for a multitude of customer types.


NuvoLinQ works with kiosk Hardware Vendors and System Integrators to design and configure modems, routers, antennas, and multi-carrier data SIMs to work with any kiosk application. We work with a global set of cellular carriers to bring flexible and scalable kiosk solutions to businesses big and small.

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Keep the simple things simple.

NuvoLinQ’s existing kiosk customers enjoy the efficient, reliable, secure collection and quick data transfer to facilitate transactions. Our solutions offer dynamic, durable devices for reliable high-speed performance.

Fast, efficient, price effective turn-up of kiosks when they are delivered on site and in remote locations

Parallel networking with a secure, direct connection to your internal network to separate kiosk data from other corporate traffic

Reliable connectivity through global Tier 1 cellular wireless carriers

Secure connectivity for kiosk transactions and interactions

Multi-SIM connectivity per kiosk for uninterrupted service

Support for advanced features such as wireless authentication



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Choosing the correct wireless products to meet your wireless kiosk network requirements is critical to a reliable, secure solution. Contact NuvoLinQ today for further information.

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