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Global Connectivity. Simplified.

At NuvoLinQ we prefer to keep things simple. Our Global Connectivity SIM is your IoT passport to hundreds of countries. Our partnerships with sixteen global tier one operators provide you with native in-country connections, and an industry leading cost structure. No resale. No roaming. With multiple secure network options in every location, we’ll keep you connected, even if a local operator experiences a service interruption. One SIM, access everywhere.

Management Made Easy.

Builders should build. Let us take care of the network. While you’re growing your business, our platform will be managing your implementation according to the parameters that you’ve defined.

Prefer a more hands-on approach? That works too. Our LinQView management portal offers the flexibility to tweak your configuration in real-time. Provision new SIMs, add alerts on consumption, view SIM activity and usage, run diagnostics, slice data for custom reports…and much more. If you require something unique our REST APIs, and extensive pre-built API library, give you the option to pull data into the tools of your choosing. You can even add existing SIMs to your LinQView account to create a unified global network management window.

Need help with tracking and on-site management of your devices? Our ScanLinQ app allows you to simplify order fulfillment and digitize your customer service. The possibilities really are endless.

We’ll provide you with the form factor you need (Mini 2FF, Micro 3FF, Nano 4FF, eSIM…) and connect you at the speed you require (2G, 3G, 4G LTE, 5G, LTE-M, CAT1-M…). When it’s time to expand, we’ll be ready with solutions to support new product features or extend your reach. We can build custom APN’s and deploy a single VPN regardless of how many carriers are deployed. With multiple redundant cloud-connected hubs we’re able to offer industry leading SLAs, as well as the capacity and flexibility to manage your growing connectivity requirements. Solutions for today, and tomorrow.

Solutions That Scale.

Security By Design.

Enterprise grade security is the foundational building block of all our services. Our network fabric is PCI and SOC 2 compliant, we utilize native in-country connections, and static IP addresses are part of our standard offering. All of your transactions traverse a private and secure infrastructure. By design.

Pricing doesn’t need to be complicated. Ours isn’t. All SIMs arrive to your door in an activation-ready state, with no charges until the SIM is in production and generating revenue for you. Customizable usage tiers and data pooling allow you to create the optimal plan for each unique application. Overage protection and available auto shutdown provide predictability and peace of mind. Purposefully uncomplicated.

Simple, Predictable, Pricing.

Real-time viewing of SIM activity and usage

Real-time configuration and provisioning

Real-time diagnostic tools

Real-time alerts on consumption activity

Full usage reports by carrier, by end user, by geographic region



Order A Test SIM

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For a deeper dive into the details, we invite you to download our comprehensive one-pager.

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