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The recent Rogers Communications Inc. outage has raised the need for robust back-up data services. Cellular Data Connectivity ensures your devices remain on. And no down time means your business is always working. NuvoLinQ offers a pre-provisioned Business Back-up solution using a multi-carrier SIM assuring 99.99% availability. NuvoLinQ’s cellular data is always encrypted, so you can be sure that your business is always operating securely and optimally.   Contact NuvoLinQ today to learn more.



"EcoTank Canada provides patented innovative solution to reduce plastic waste hence protecting the environment and making our planet greener. We are installing user-friendly windshield washer fluid dispensers at participating gas stations, EV charging stations, grocery parking lots, and other EcoTank partner locations.


The washer fluid stations allow motorists to pay at the pumps, so no attendants are required. NuvoLinq offers us wireless technology solutions at our pumps which makes for a seamless installation. The NuvoLinQ network also provides access to both Rogers and Bell networks, allowing for connection to the strongest signal. So never a worry about connectivity.


EcoTank also chose NuvoLinQ wireless network as it provides military grade security on the network. As EcoTank continues to expand nationally and internationally we expect to make even greater use of the reporting capabilities on the LinQView Portal."

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