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The recent Rogers Communications Inc. outage has raised the need for robust back-up data services. Cellular Data Connectivity ensures your devices remain on. And no down time means your business is always working. NuvoLinQ offers a pre-provisioned Business Back-up solution using a multi-carrier SIM assuring 99.99% availability. NuvoLinQ’s cellular data is always encrypted, so you can be sure that your business is always operating securely and optimally.   Contact NuvoLinQ today to learn more.


Case Study

"Connect2Go has been offering security solutions for home and business monitoring to our global base of Dealers for more than 10 years.  In 2022 we expanded our portfolio to include a generation of cloud-based offerings to expand our wireline services to include both a primary and a back-up wireless solution.


A priority in expanding our security business was to ensure we had a wireless data partner that could provide a world class wireless network that offered both a private and secure infrastructure.  It was pertinent that our wireless partner provided an extremely secure network with QoS in order to avoid any economic harm in a world that is constantly experiencing a sharp increase in complex hacking campaigns. Static IP connections vs dynamic wireless connectivity was a priority as a minimum baseline for network security. We were also looking for military grade level of security. We got this and more with NuvoLinQ.


As a global company it was important to streamline both our operations and processes. Dealing with multiple carriers, portal sign-on, commitments with multiple carriers was proving time consuming, costly and inefficient.


When Connect2Go expanded our product line to include the DUO IP/LTE dual-path communicator for DSC PowerSeries panels and Honeywell Vista panels, we were looking for a single global wireless partner that could provide IoT data patterns for the wireless usage component. This was equally important on our Sidekick LTE product which enabled our Dealers that had an IP based security solution to simply add-on wireless backup connectivity.


Connect2Go has in excess of 10,000 Dealers globally. Therefore, it was crucial to have hands-on control of our wireless data through a single sign-on portal in order to manage and streamline our day-to-day operations. We are constantly growing our global base of Dealers so we were looking for flexibility. NuvoLinQ’s LinQView portal provided the essential dashboard views and reports that allow our technical team the ability to manage both the network and our devices in the field. Customizable reports and unlimited custom fields were extremely helpful.


NuvoLinQ, as our global wireless partner has enabled us to recognize IoT patterns that are crucial to managing our business. NuvoLinQ’s IoT data connectivity allows us to process efficiently, securely and cost effectively. As we continue to expand our Dealer network, we look forward to doing so in partnership with NuvoLinQ."


Richard Worrall



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