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The recent Rogers Communications Inc. outage has raised the need for robust back-up data services. Cellular Data Connectivity ensures your devices remain on. And no down time means your business is always working. NuvoLinQ offers a pre-provisioned Business Back-up solution using a multi-carrier SIM assuring 99.99% availability. NuvoLinQ’s cellular data is always encrypted, so you can be sure that your business is always operating securely and optimally.   Contact NuvoLinQ today to learn more.

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Know where your assets are when you need them


Wireless, Efficient

Good leadership requires attention to detail and a view of the big picture. When your business expands, it’s essential to know the location of your assets, whatever they may be. Simply by integrating into one place, users save time and experience a sizable increase in workflow efficiency.  

Wireless tracking is ideal for a wide range of assets and fleets in every industry.

  • Logistics

  • Agriculture

  • Energy

  • Security

  • Development

  • Finance

See the pattern before it happens.

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Key Attributes


Multiple arrangements with Hardware vendors for different tracking devices


Multi carrier relationships allow full cross border service and single billing


Centralized management through LinQView


Rugged devices available for all climate requirements


Enterprise-class security capabilities

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