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The recent Rogers Communications Inc. outage has raised the need for robust back-up data services. Cellular Data Connectivity ensures your devices remain on. And no down time means your business is always working. NuvoLinQ offers a pre-provisioned Business Back-up solution using a multi-carrier SIM assuring 99.99% availability. NuvoLinQ’s cellular data is always encrypted, so you can be sure that your business is always operating securely and optimally.   Contact NuvoLinQ today to learn more.

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Full-featured Wi-Fi solutions in all transportation services


Seamless and Secure

NuvoLinQ's Wi-Fi solution and global network enables full-featured Wi-Fi capabilities for transportation services on various vehicle types, including School Buses, Taxi Cabs and Municipal Transportation. Passengers can enjoy internet connectivity for business, personal entertainment or even getting a jump on homework. A valuable asset to meet travelers at their busiest moments for absolute satisfaction and comfort on the go. 

With Internet connectivity, there are multiple opportunities for advertising within these vehicles, making it also a strong revenue opportunity for the service supplier. Providing Wi-Fi to customers is a surefire way to develop trust and safety between your business and client loyalty. For example, NuvoLinQ has live examples where restaurant ads automatically change, based on location services, as the taxi cab travels throughout a city.

NuvoLinQ– the smoothest Wi-Fi anywhere.

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Key Attributes


Pre-configured router that can operate at different high-end data rates to ensure no latency and ensure the public’s satisfaction


Data consumption thresholds and alarms


Alerts based on a variety of criteria (activation, usage types, SIM removal)


LinQView, with our Private Cloud Provider, also provides several Security services upon proper set-up: 

  • Application aware blockage (IP or URL white and blacklisted applications) 

  • Secure Web Filter (block malicious content) 

  • Secure Threat Management IPS/IDS

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Our experts can help create a strategy for making Transportation fully connected. Message our Sales team to learn more.

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